Founded in 2013, Rice Roll Productions aim to share the untold stories from the Asian communities. By collaborating with local artists and our community, we hope to deliver these stories creatively with unabashed honesty.

We base our approach/work on four core values:


We recognize that the mainstream media misrepresents Asian community while Asian actors, artists, and creators have limited opportunities. Through our projects, we strive to counter all forms of oppression, challenge privileges, provide opportunities, and promote intersections of Asian community such as LGBTQ, differently abled, and immigration status.


We believe in the value of community building. We aim to produce projects that will bring people together to start dialogues, which will benefit existing grassroots organizing efforts at local and international level. Community collaboration play a key component for all our projects.


We envision a community full of leaders. Therefore, we provide capacity development for emerging artists to build skills, knowledge, and networks while offering resources for individuals and groups to produce community projects.


We value stories that have never been told before. By providing voices for marginalized individuals and stigmatized issues, we hope to bring awareness to otherwise invisible stories.