Invisible Footprints 0.2: Deep Cuts

Art & Archive Exhibition

July 5 - 19, 2018


Gardiner Museum
Community Arts Space, The Visibility and Representation Project

Curatorial Statement

Invisible Footprints 0.2: Deep Cuts visualizes and documents the lived experiences of Toronto’s queer and trans East and Southeast Asians. Organized by Mezart Daulet, artists Aries Cheung, Heidi Cho, Vince Ha and Khanh Tudo have developed this multimedia exhibition through community-based intergenerational art-making at The 519.Despite the vibrancy of queer and trans Asian life, these lived experiences are repeatedly sidelined or rendered invisible within the greater local narratives. Indeed, queer and trans Asian life in Toronto has always occupied shapes and circumstances beyond what is documentable.

Invisible Footprints celebrates and preserves these lived experiences. Spawned from ARROW, an art installation by Vince Ha, this ongoing community art and archive project, founded by Rice Roll Productions, revisits the footprints of artists, activists, academics, and groups like Asian Lesbians of Toronto and Gay Asians of Toronto to illuminate marginalized histories.

Following Invisible Footprints 0.1: Art and Archives Exhibition (Open Space Gallery, October 2017), Deep Cuts explores personal micro-stories often hidden deep within our bodies, nightmares, and experiences of pleasure. For the exhibition, over forty community members documented their nuanced lived experiences through clay making and facilitated dialogue.


Skinside Out by Aries Cheung
Bowls Letting Go by Vince Ha
Trauma Drama by Heidi Cho
Gentle Durian by Khanh Tudo
Souper Queer


Presented by TD
Community Partners
The 519, Akin Collective
Programming Partners
Asian Community AIDS Services, Makeshift Collective, Styled By Miss Trish
Featured Artists
Aries Cheung, Heidi Cho, Vince Ha, Khanh Tudo
Community Organizer
Mezart Daulet
Advisory Committee
Katherine Chun, Robert Diaz, André Goh, Alan Li, Amy Poon, Nancy Seto, Michelle Tam, Keith Wong
Guest Facilitators
Patrick Salvani, Jiaqing Yang
Exhibition Design
En Tze Loh, Thompson Cong Nguyen
Tony Wei-Han Chen
Graphic Designer
James M. Lee
Special Thanks
Karen B. K. Chan, Richard Fung, Yoichi Haruta, Steven Ly, Kenneth Poon, Ryan Tran, Loren Kaplan
Produced by Rice Roll Productions