Invisible Footprints

Invisible Footprints is a series of multi-generational projects that aim to celebrate the history of Toronto’s East and Southeast Asian LGBTQ movement. By revisiting the footprints of artists, activists, academics, and groups like Asian Lesbians of Toronto and Gay Asian Toronto, we highlight the milestones of our disruption and social activism while exploring unknown and untold stories of our communities. We hope these projects will be a rich playground and provide opportunities for open dialogue among the different generations of queer Asians in Toronto. More importantly, we want to remind active community members that if we do not collect our stories, if we do not celebrate the contributions of our pioneers and heroes, and if we do not preserve our collective memories, who will? And if we leave these tasks in the hands of others, how will we be represented?
Produced by
Rice Roll Productions
Funded by
ArtReach Toronto
Toronto Arts Council
Supported by
OCAD University
University of Toronto
Asian Community AIDS Services