House of Freaks:
A Queer Asian Theatrical Experience

Rice Roll Productions put on its first theatre show with a group of queer Asian talents. Experience the the unique stories from the intersection of queer and Asian. From fabulous Drag queens to a strange green alien, House of Freaks have everything covered.
Master of Ceremonies
Jehd Canceran

House of Freaks

Created by
Rice Roll Production
House of Freaks is a story about a group of performers trying to keep their drag house afloat.
The Cast
(in order of appearance)
Miss Zaza
Leo Liao
Mama Dee
Aries Cheung
Matthew Ngan
Thompson Nguyen
Chase Lo
Brian-Bao Ly

Alien in Residence: Parallel Life

Created by
Alvis Parsley
Captain Kernel is a green alien who landed on Earth after being expelled from its own planet Kernelus for being "too weird." This performance is about it.

Kisameng Salamin Glass Ceilings

Created by
Alipung MC
Alipung MC’s debut piece creation, an interpretive dance to her poem “Kisameng Salamin Glass ceilings,” is about owning our intricate FightsToFreedom amidst the all-ways disease of white+Western-reigned, ravaging Mama Earth civilization.

Three Brothers

Created by
Vince Ha
“Three Brothers” is a one-act play, exploring the dynamics of familial love and abandonment. The story follows three brothers – Peter, Matt, and John – from 1996, unfolding the events that held them together, and what eventually drove them apart.
The Cast
(in order of appearance)
Levi Duong
Brian-Bao Ly
Vince Ha
Special Thanks
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Asian Community AIDS Services
AsianXpress (AX)
Food Forward
Robin Arroz
Jehd Canceran
Brian Chang
Edie Cheung
Darcy Higgins
Robin Lei
Laurance Tan
John Wotta
DJ Quinces