24 Lies Per Second

24 Lies Per Second is a digital storytelling project funded by ArtReach Toronto and Toronto Arts Council. After offering an interactive film-making workshop series to a group of Toronto’s queer Asian actors and filmmakers, we collaborated to produce the two short-films exploring experiences of queer Asian communities.

Hello, Goodbye

All great beginnings are created through powerful endings. Goodbye is never goodbye, but the possibility created through the midst of the most profound human experience, this experience we call love and be loved.
Created by
Annie Sun

Back to Normal

Accept and love who you are and don't compare yourself to what other people think. Otherwise how else are you going to love things in life if you don't love yourself first?
Created by
Robin Arroz

Film-making Workshop Series

Intro to Acting: Theatre vs Film

Facilitated by
Derek Kwan
Presence, availability and play: These essential elements of acting onstage and onscreen can be difficult to find and understand. Through warm-ups and exercises, learn how to cultivate presence, awareness and increase your sense of play.

Intro to Acting: Working with Cameras

Facilitated by
Vince Ha
You can give the best performance of your life, but it will be worthless if the camera can't see your face. Know where the camera is at all times and know what it's trying to capture.

Intro To Writing: Plot & Character Development

Facilitated by
Andrew Cheng
It's time for you to craft your own story and characters. Let’s learn about how to develop your story ideas with interesting characters.

Intro To Acting: Working with Directors

Facilitated by
Aries Cheung & Vince Ha
Hands on exercises for aspiring actors to learn what to prepare for a film shoot; what we will expect from the director; how to approach the script, character, dialogue, movement, and improvisation.
Made Possible with the Support of:
ArtReach Toronto
Toronto Arts Council